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Mothers Day Gift Guide

Don’t be alarmed ladies, but Mother’s Day is like this week! We love to spoil our Mums over here at Jeevi Brow Studio, but we all can get carried away with our busy lives and be stuck looking for a last-minute gift to make Mum’s day. We have curated a special little gift guide to make sure all of our lovely Mumma’s know how much we appreciate them.

Does your Mum love her lashes? 

Is your Mum a lash loving gal? Likes to run out the door with minimal effort? Eyelash extensions could be a great gift option! With 3 styles to choose from (Classic, Hybrid or Volume) There is a lash style to suit every Mumma! Eyelash Extensions are perfect for those wanting to forgo mascara and panda eyes plus they are so helpful to a busy Mum that still wants to feel her best. Does the lovely lady in your life already have Lash Extensions? You could always pick her up some foaming lash cleanser to help wash her lashes, or some Lash Sealant to give her natural lashes some nutrients while extending the life of her  Eyelash Extensions.

If Eyelash Extensions aren’t her thing, you could always treat her to a Lash Lift & Tint. Lash Lifts take what’s already there and add a little oomph. It offers a perfectly curled lash, and enough tint to make people wonder if it’s natural or not. You could also treat her to our Lash and Brow Rejuvenator, to help thicken and grow her natural lashes.

Brow Power?

We all know we are a sucker for a good Brow Thread, but a brow makeover can seriously make a huge difference to not only perfect those brows but boost self-confidence. We are all about making people feel good, and a brow makeover is such an easy way to make people feel amazing about themselves. Brow Threading or waxing paired with one of our many tint options, and you are done. We suggest you try our latest (and a personal favourite) tint, Hybrid Tint. This service also includes brow mapping, which helps you find the perfect brow shape for your face.

Looking for something a little more than just a brow makeover? You could add in one of our many brow goodies. Gift your Mumma a Browgasm to help nourish and grow their brows to model-worthy status. If they love their natural brows, you can treat them to The Naked One’s Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil to help nourish their brows and lashes naturally, plus who doesn’t love receiving skincare? (and it’s vegan!)

A trip coming up?

Do they (finally) have an exciting trip away coming up? Waxing is the perfect gift for them! Do you want them to be ready for any outfit option they have crammed into their suitcase while feeling their best? Remember to send your Mum our waxing tips before they head in to their appointment to make that silky smooth skin last their entire trip!

Make-up bag top-up?

Do they need some little bits to top up their makeup bag? We have ALL the best brow products for your lovely Mum. From brow powder to brow Gel, we got her covered.

To make it easy, you can purchase a gift card online, or come into one of our lovely salons and your Mumma can use her gift card for services our products.

Mother’s Day is about treating the lovely ladies in our lives to some lovin’. Our team consists of so many AMAZING hard-working Mums, and from the bottom of our hearts, we want to say a big thank you to all of those hard-working, strong (probably multitasking and running on coffee) Mums out there in the world. We love and appreciate you!