What your eyebrow shape says about you

Eye’s are the window to the soul? Maybe not. It’s all about those brows, baby. We have done our research over the years, and it turns out your brows can tell us a lot about you! The practice of physiognomy is the practice of assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance, especially the face.

Yes, we did go down a ‘what do my brows really mean?!’ rabbit hole. And It was very enjoyable, don’t judge us! Talking about judging… This is based on research we have found, and isn’t exactly proven by science so if we don’t get your brows exactly matched to your personality, we are very sorry…we just think it’s so cool!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Round eyebrows follow the shape of the eyes natural contour and curve and do not arch upward. If you have round brows this means that you are a very kind person, and are always helping others, and thinking about other’s needs. You always strive for the ‘win-win’ situations, so you try to never put anyone out, or hurt anyone’s feelings!


Straight brows draw your eye inward, toward the centre of the face. If your eyebrows are straight, it means that you are a very logical person. You value logic and reason, and you always think through very carefully.


A peaked brow usually consists of a higher arch and a lower tail. If you have peaked brows, it can mean that you can make emotional decisions sometimes. Sometimes very quickly! You can be reactive, and a lot of time your heart wins over your head!

HIGH BROWS (Or Queen’s brows!)

This can be described as brows high on the face. If this is you, you have great taste! Fashion and beauty are your thing, but you are often a perfectionist. You might struggle with decisions because of this, be very self-critical and worry about making the wrong decision. Trust yourself more!


Long brows are the kind of brows that finish after your eye. If this is you, you’re a popular lady! You have a lot of friends, you’re a strong-willed character who is comfortable setting and walking your own path.


A shorter brow only extends as far as the outer corner of the eye. If your got brows on the shorter side, you don’t like drama. You have a few close friends that support you, but you are not drawn to larger groups and crowds and you don’t like to ask for help!


Blessed with bushy brows? You’re a decisive person, that has natural self-confidence and you feel like you got this! You’re a physically active, logical person that has a very straightforward way of doing things, but you rock it!


Thin brows more your style? You’re a very patient person and are never pushy or aggressive. Sometimes you can have low self-confidence that is often based on other opinions of you. Remember those affirmations. (Jeevi Brow Studio Tip: Promote growth with a nourishing brow oil or serum. We like Browgasm, Castor Oil or the Brow Gold Nourishing Oil- all available in the salon now!)


Are your brow tails higher than the start of your brows? Then you have diagonal brows! If you have a dramatic angle,  it can make your emotions stronger, and affect the way you react to situations. If you’re born with an angle naturally, then you are fine!  But a word of warning if you try to create it, it’s kind of like going against your nature, which can cause an imbalance in your personality and cause you to have difficulty making decisions!

Well, that was informative! Do you agree with how your brows match your personality? Let us know below!

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