Waxing vs Threading: The age-old debate!

These days, brows are EVERYTHING! Through the endless TikTok brow tutorials and the ‘how to get the celebrity brow’ videos that are liked and shared all over the world, where do you even start?! It obviously starts with brow shape, but you don’t want to be caught with a pair of tweezers committing the biggest brow faux pas – PLUCKING! There are great brow hair removal options out there, but let’s talk about the biggest debate of them all.. should I wax or thread my brows? What’s better for my brows and my skin?

Waxing and threading are often lumped into the same category, but they are very different. Waxing involves, well…Wax (I know, we are geniuses) The wax solidifies on the skin, trapping the individual hairs before ripping them away. Threading on the other hand pinches the hairs in-between two cotton threads that pull each strand of hair up and out of the hair follicle. If you have ever seen our very talented beautician’s thread, it’s mesmerising to see how they move the threads to carefully single out hairs and create a precise shape.

When it comes to hair precision and gentleness on the skin, we prefer threading. Threading is better for allergy sufferers, sensitive skin, and those prone to acne. It also provides a smoother and more precise finish than wax as it removes even the smallest, fine hairs. Also, if you are following the skincare trend that is using retinol (Which you totally should, it prevents wrinkles, brightens dull skin and minimises breakouts!) threading is the safest option as it removes the worry of chemical reactions. It’s generally gentler on your skin, as the threads target your brow hairs, not your skin, unlike waxing that must be applied to both skin and hair.

Waxing is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, as the wax can contain chemicals that can irritate. If you have sensitive skin should always seek a test patch 24 hours before to ensure no irritation occurs from the wax.

However, if you find threading too painful, waxing is still a great option, and hairs can grow back finer and softer with regular usage. If you are going to wax your brows, make sure you do your research and find qualified, experienced beauticians who are experts in waxing! That’s us by the way.

Waxing is perfect for clients who do not have sensitive skin, and that find brow shaping painful. It’s quick with instant results so is a good option for those that don’t like the threading or tweezing.

Threading is good for clients with sensitive skin and good for anyone that has recently had skin peels or is on medication that would prevent them from having waxing who want a precise shape.

Whatever you decide, Jeevi Brow Studio can help. We have expert Brow Threaders obviously, but all of our beauticians are trained and have experience in waxing.

Either way, to get the best results for a brow wax or thread you should:

  1. Remove make-up and wash your face with an oil-free makeup remover, as oil can coat the hairs and make the removal process tricky.
  2. If you have sunburn around the area, reschedule! We wouldn’t want to harm your sun-sensitive skin!
  3. If you are choosing wax, avoid using AHA’s (Most anti-ageing and exfoliant skin care products contain this, so double-check!) as this can make the skin more fragile.
  4. If you are on your period it may also be worth rescheduling! Hormones during your period can increase sensitivity so you may find it more painful than normal.

Book your appointment online to make sure you can have your favourite beautician and avoid wait times!

See you soon, Ladies!

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