Summer is right around the corner Ladies, and we can’t wait! While we are super excited for the amazing weather, fun summer activities, and warm evenings out and about, we are dreading the endless blight of shaving, constant razor burns, and ingrown hairs!

We’ve completely switched over to waxing! It’s not as painful as you might think, and the results will win you over in a heartbeat. Beauty is pain Ladies. (Well, it’s only a little painful for a second!)

Itching to try? (Yes, that was a shaving joke)

Waxing ensures long-lasting results and a reduction of hair growth in the long run. When you get waxed by the experienced professionals at Jeevi Brow Studio, they select the best suitable wax for your skin type, and they will make sure you leave the salon with hydrated, glowing, and baby smooth skin. And as a bonus, regular waxing results in the hair growing back softer, finer, and thinner!

Did you know that waxing exfoliates your skin? As your hair is removed, so are all your dead skin cells that have been building up creating smoother skin for longer!

Face and Body waxing isn’t just for women, men can get in on this goodness too!

I’m listening…what do I need to do before I come in for my waxing appointment?

Remember the golden rule of waxing: grow out that hair, girl! For the best results, your hair should be ¼ of an inch long at least.

When you have booked your appointment remember:
Try not to sunbathe for 24 – 48 hours before you come in for your wax. It might cause more discomfort as your skin might be more sensitive during this time. If you are sunburned, rearrange your waxing appointment till your skin has healed.

Don’t exfoliate for 48 hours before your appointment, and don’t apply any moisturizer on the day of your wax. This might affect the way the wax adheres to the hair. Also, try not to shave in between your waxing appointments, it can lead to itching and ingrown hairs (everything we are eliminating by waxing in the first place!)

Remember to share with us what are allergic to, or if you have had any reactions to waxing products in the past.

Can’t decide the best way to get summer ready? Make it simple with a waxing package:

As well as several Eyebrow Shaping and tint packages, we also can help you out with Full Leg and XXX wax. This takes less than an hour and a half and you will walk out with those legs ready for any pool party.

Need a little more? You can get your arms sorted as well! Full Leg and Full arm plus Under arms sorted in a little over an hour!

We also offer bikini, Bikini XX, Brazilian, stomach, ½ leg, ¾ leg, and back waxing.

We can’t wait for you to come in and see us!

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