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Why Lash Lift & Tints are as life changing as everyone says they are

You have probably heard us blabbing on and on about lash lift & tints recently, and you’re probably thinking…we get it, natural beauty, great for all lash types and low maintenance…we know! But we have had a few questions from customers and friends alike asking if lash lifts & tints are really THAT good?! Simple … Continue reading Why Lash Lift & Tints are as life changing as everyone says they are

Hello 2022

A new year always puts previous habits into perspective, ladies. From spending our hard-earned money on beauty investments, dipping our toes into the makeup trends of TikTok (Yes, we tried the fake eyebrow slit tick…no it didn’t go well!) or coming back to our old tried and true products after a disaster…we have had our … Continue reading Hello 2022


I can see travel in our near future, Ladies! As the world comes out of hibernation, and we dip our toes into the world of airplanes, hotels and freedom – we’re already planning the best way to stay flawless (inside and out) while we’re exploring the world again! Our favourite travel tip is: BE PREPARED! … Continue reading Travel


Summer is right around the corner Ladies, and we can’t wait! While we are super excited for the amazing weather, fun summer activities, and warm evenings out and about, we are dreading the endless blight of shaving, constant razor burns, and ingrown hairs! We’ve completely switched over to waxing! It’s not as painful as you … Continue reading Waxing