Regrow Overplucked Eyebrows

How to regrow overplucked eyebrows? 

How to regrow over plucked eyebrows? 

We’ve all been there, tweezers in hand, and a little too overzealous with our plucking routine. One second you’re just tidying up a few stray eyebrow hairs, and the next, you’ve accidentally overplucked. It’s a classic moment of panic, but don’t worry; your over-plucked eyebrows can regrow. At Jeevi Brow Studio, we understand your concerns and have put together a list of tips to help you restore your eyebrows to their full glory.

1. Stay Patient and Hands-Off

The best thing you can do to speed up your eyebrow hair regrowth is to simply leave them alone. Put down the tweezers and let your brows breathe and relax. If you must tweeze, fill in your brows to your desired shape and only tweeze hairs outside that shape. Everyone’s eyebrows grow back at different rates, so be patient, and your efforts will be rewarded.

2. Bid Farewell to the Magnifying Mirror

The skin around your eyebrows is delicate and easily traumatized by over-zealous plucking. That’s why most dermatologists (and us!) recommend ditching the magnifying mirror. Constantly scrutinizing your eyebrows can re-traumatize the hairs. Give your hair follicles space and time to recover, and you’ll see regrowth.

3. Avoid Skincare Products Near Your Brows

Refrain from applying creams, lotions, oils, and serums near your eyebrows. While you can use your favorite skincare products, many of these may hinder eyebrow hair growth or even cause shedding. Avoiding such products helps expedite regrowth.

4. Stimulate Hair Growth

Consider using eyebrow hair growth serums to nurture and nourish existing hairs, reducing breakages and promoting optimal growth. We highly recommend Locklashes Browgasm for excellent results. Additionally, natural options like castor oil work wonders. Castor oil boasts natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, keeping your hair soft and less prone to breakage. We recommend The Naked One organic cold-pressed castor oil for this purpose.

5. Regularly Brush Through Your Brows

A simple yet effective tip is to brush your brows with a spoolie in the morning and at night. This stimulates blood flow and massages the skin, promoting hair growth.

6. Fake It Till You Make It

The regrowth process can be slow, which can be disheartening. To maintain the appearance of full brows, consider using a tinted brow gel while you wait for the real deal.

7. Make Regular Appointments with Our Brow Experts

At Jeevi Brow Studio, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our dedicated team includes some of Australia’s best beauticians. We take pride in our attention to detail and excellent customer service, ensuring you leave feeling as glamorous as you deserve. We recommend that clients visit us every three weeks so we can assist you in the regrowth process. Since everyone’s eyebrows are different, we can provide expert advice, techniques, and product recommendations to help you achieve fuller, more beautiful brows.

At Jeevi Brow Studio, we can help you achieve effortless beauty and provide expert guidance throughout your eyebrow regrowth journey.

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