Gift Guide 2021

Gift Guide 2021

It’s that time of year, ladies. We can see the lights starting to twinkle, wish lists being written and hear the faint sounds of Michael Bublé in the distance. Are you stressing about what to get your friends and family this year? Luckily for you, we have some amazing gift options, even for your hardest to buy for!

Got any glam goddesses in your life? Do they love their beauty, make-up, and Lash Extensions? If you do, make their Christmas by gifting them the most popular lashes of 2021, Hybrid Lashes! To make it simple for you,  you can add any amount to the Jeevi Brow Studio Gift Cards!  Another great option for your glam-oholics is Max 2 Sealant, it adds a protective coating to help protect the bond of glue between lash extensions and the natural lashes. Another Lash-fanatic must is a Lash Cleanser! We love Locks Lash’s Foaming cleanser to keep our lashes free from dirt and makeup buildup. Finish it up with a mini mascara wand to tame those stray lashes, and there you have a present of epic glam proportions!

Is your friend group full of natural queens? You can add some spice to their beauty routine and treat them to a Lash Lift & Hybrid Lash Tint, to give them a ‘mascara without the mascara’ look which they will adore. Brow Thread & Henna Brow Tint is also another great Gift Card idea, as Henna is all natural and Vegan! We know they would LOVE The Naked One’s Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil to help nourish their brows and lashes naturally, plus who doesn’t love receiving skin care?! They might even enjoy a stocking stuffer of our Brow Powder (available in 5 colours!) and angled brow brush as it just adds some definition to those natural brows.

Do you know a true Brow Connoisseur? Lucky you! We have just the thing for them…Our entire salon 😉 We’re kidding (kind of) But seriously, we have some great ideas for you! Any amount popped on to our beautiful Gift Cards will make their day, but if you add a goodie bag of brow products to top up their strong brow game, it will be a Christmas they never forget! Gift them a brow routine with our Brow Powders, angled Brow Brush and our AMAZING Brow Gel to lock in all their hard work sculpting the perfect arch. If you really want to show your brow obsessed friend how much you love them, treat them to a Browgasm. It is the best kept secret to amazing, model worthy brows (look out, Cara Delevingne) There is so much goodness in Browgasm, including Keratin, Collagen, Pueraria Mirifica Root, Sweet Almond Oil and SO many more! It’s tried and tested by the Jeevi Brow Studio team, and it’s on all of our Christmas wish lists! Along with a mini mascara wand, it’s the perfect stocking stuffer!

Remember, Christmas is a time to treat yourself too! Destress from a busy, weird pandemic year and enjoy some selfcare. Beauty doesn’t have to bougee, it just needs to be right for you!

The Jeevi Brow Studio Family are reflecting on a wild year. From Lockdowns, to reopening’s and now the madness of Christmas around the corner, we want to say thank you for an wild, but amazing year shared with our lovely clients! With your continued support, we have been able to share beauty with more and more wonderful people, and it’s been a pleasure!

We hope you have a magical Christmas, a wonderful New Year.

Until 2022, Ladies!