I can see travel in our near future, Ladies! As the world comes out of hibernation, and we dip our toes into the world of airplanes, hotels and freedom – we’re already planning the best way to stay flawless (inside and out) while we’re exploring the world again!

Our favourite travel tip is: BE PREPARED! Save yourself precious time when you are on your holidays by being super organised in the weeks before you jet off. Write those to-do lists, book those beauty appointments, and get packing!

First things first, let’s get all those appointments out of the way. Lashes, brows, hair removal – all things that will make your life easier and save you valuable relaxation time! Luckily, Jeevi Brow Studio can help you out – and you can book online ahead of time for extra organisation (we love organisation, can you tell?)

Skip having to do your makeup and get those brows touched up the week before to get a ‘I woke up like this’ perfectly made up look, add a Henna or Hybrid Brow Tint to your regular Brow Threading routine! Both are great options for a pre-holiday glow up as they last 6-8 weeks on the skin, and save you having to draw on your brows in a rush to dinner.

Scared of panda eyes after hours lounging by the pool drinking cocktails? We have a few options for you! If you’re wanting something that says ‘born this way’ then try a Lash Lift & Hybrid Lash Tint. It offers a perfectly curled lash, and enough tint to make people wonder if it’s natural or not. If you’re wanting some glam factor to your well-deserved break, add some Lash Extensions. Go with Classic Lash Extensions for a more naturally glammed look, Volume if you want a full, fluffy lash line, or Hybrid if you are torn between the two!

Want to be ready for any outfit option you crammed into your suitcase? Book yourself into a body wax a few days before you leave for flawless, glowing, super soft skin head to toe! Remember our waxing tips before you head into your appointment to make that silky smooth skin last your entire trip!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you are traveling, especially when your out of practice (Like we all are! Thanks, Global Pandemic) so before you leave home, make a wish list of places you want to see, and things you want to experience. Add anything that makes your heart happy, and go with it! Take our beautiful world in, and remember to breathe, relax and smile!

Remember to stay hydrated throughout your travels, start to finish. Airplanes can be extremely drying to your skin so drink extra water, and don’t forget to moisturize! If your headed somewhere sunny (we’re jealous!) remember to bring a hat, and apply lots of sun protection, even if you’re not sunbathing!

Don’t forget those happy snaps to remember your trip, we can’t wait to see what you get up to!
Safe travels, Ladies! See you soon.

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