Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow Shaping – What’s the best Eyebrow Shape for you?

Home eyebrow shaping is a journey with mixed results. It can lead to discovering the perfect brow shape for your face or, at its worst, a regrettable over-plucking mishap. Achieving the ideal brow shape can be challenging, especially if your natural brows aren’t perfectly symmetrical. Fear not, we’re here to guide you. From sharing our recommendations to utilizing a precise brow mapping technique, we’ll help you identify the best eyebrow shape for your face.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

1. For Round-Faced Individuals: High-Arched Brows

If you have a round face, where the length and width are fairly equal, a high-arched brow is your go-to choice. This shape adds a vertical dimension, visually elongating your face and imparting a slimming effect. Celebrities like Mila Kunis and Emma Stone with round faces offer great inspiration. For a perfect look, consider matching a high-arched brow with a gently faded brow tint at the start, and enhance it with a Brow Lamination treatment for added emphasis.

2. Oval-Shaped Beauties: Softly Angled Brows

Oval faces, characterized by a slightly wider forehead than chin, benefit from softly angled brows that create facial balance. Think of celebrities like Jessica Alba and Beyoncé, who share this face shape. To enhance your appearance, opt for a bolder brow tint such as Hybrid tint or Henna tint, adding depth and creating a focal point that highlights your eyes.

3. Heart-Shaped Face: Soft, Rounded Brows

For those with heart-shaped faces, where the forehead is wider than the chin, the goal is to soften your facial features slightly. Depending on the length of your face, consider a soft, rounded brow shape. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry can be your brow inspiration. Ensure your brows are well-groomed and in shape to maintain the look.

4. Square-Faced Individuals: Thick Brows with Soft Arches

Square faces, defined by equal forehead, jawline, and cheekbone width, benefit from thicker brows with a soft arch. This softens the facial angles, adding depth and dimension. Avoid sharp arches or rounded styles, as they can make your face appear wider. Olivia Wilde is an example to learn from, with her bold brow choice. The aim is to emulate Kira Knightly’s stunning square-face brow style.

5. Diamond Face: Curved Brows to Lift the Face

For diamond faces, featuring wider cheeks, a narrower chin, and forehead, the aim is to shorten the face visually. Create a curved brow shape that lifts the face upwards, giving it a more rounded appearance. Draw inspiration from Serena Williams and Shakira for your diamond face brow goals. Don’t hesitate to lengthen your brows with brow tint to balance out sharper jawlines.

6. Long Face: Flat Brows with Elongated Downward Arch

If your face is long, with similar forehead, cheekbones, and chin width, opt for flat brows with an elongated downward arch. This adds softness and width to your face without elongating it further. Think of celebrities like Lucy Liu and Kelly Rowland for inspiration.

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