Hybrid Tint Adelaide Sydney

Have you heard about hybrid tint for your eyebrows before? No? Then keep reading! We have all the dets of the latest trend for you in one short summary.

What is the hybrid brow tint? (Also commonly referred to as a Brow Stain)

It is a highly pigmented dye (similar to henna) which doesn’t contain Ammonia, meaning it’s suitable for nearly every skin type 😉 & its specific formula ensures that it can stain sparse brows.
The consistency is a gel solution which helps to achieve a perfect colour blend.

Why should I try out the hybrid brow tint?

– Because you love new trends and you are excited for a new look.
– Because it’s the first eyelash & eyebrow dye with a henna effect.
– Because it provides intense & long-lasting results.

3 reasons to say yes! Still not convinced? Keep reading.

How long does it Hybrid Brow Tint last?

The hybrid brow tint lasts for up to 2 weeks on the skin and 7 weeks on the hair. However, it may vary, depending on the individual’s skin and brow hair type.

How is the Hybrid Brow Tint applied?

1. Firstly, you will receive a consultation on the suitable colour for your skin tone.
2. Cleaning of the eyebrow areas
3. Brow Mapping is done, to ensure the final shape is perfectly achieved.
4. Hybrid brow tint solution is applied and removed in stages to attain an ombre brow finish
5. The processing time will depend on the colour depth you wish to achieve however generally it can be between 3-7 minutes. Your brows will be closely monitored during this stage.

To really enhance your results, we recommend you to get a Brow Threading (or Brow Waxing) + Brow Lamination service to compliment the hybrid tint.

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