Why Lash Lift & Tints are as life changing as everyone says they are

You have probably heard us blabbing on and on about lash lift & tints recently, and you’re probably thinking…we get it, natural beauty, great for all lash types and low maintenance…we know! But we have had a few questions from customers and friends alike asking if lash lifts & tints are really THAT good?! Simple answer, is yes, they are… But what exactly is eyelash lifting? How does it work? What are the benefits? Read on ladies, and we will tell you all the secrets.

Eyelash lifting and eyelash tinting are proving to be one of the fastest-growing beauty treatments around the world. Closely related to ‘lash perming’, the great aunt of lash treatments, it’s been around for a while! It offers raised and accentuated lashes, that are luxuriously lifted and curled. Plus, they are a great alternative if you want to try something other than lash extensions.

This conveniently quick salon treatment sees the natural lashes adhered (oh so carefully!) to a silicone pad. Picked selectively to suit your eye shape, your beautician will gently isolate and place your lashes into their new curled position, then a lifting lotion is applied to lock them into their new fabulous place. Once a short amount of time has passed, the lifting lotion is removed with care and a setting lotion is added. From here you can add many different tinting types or leave it at just the lash lift.

Of course, we would recommend adding a tint to your lashes for that extra oomph! (We can’t help ourselves) Add regular tint or hybrid tint to darken your lashes to look like you have applied mascara without the clumps, bumps, and panda eyes! The best part is…You will look like that for 6 to 8 Weeks! You can have your very own ‘I woke up like this’ moment ladies.

If we haven’t explained enough already, this treatment is the perfect way to enhance your natural lashes. We are only adding to whatever’s there, coxing out your natural beauty and making it WOW.
Great news for us ladies who have eyelashes on the shorter side. Thankfully eyelash lifting & tinting is designed for almost every lash length and thickness out there. Chat to your beautician about the expected outcome to ensure you are happy!

If you’re thinking, wait that’s me, I have short lashes, you might be wrong.
When your lashes are in their natural state they might be straight out or even downward-facing, making them appear stubby and short. When you have a lash lift your lashes have Curl and Lift which gives the appearance of longer and even fuller lashes, add on a lash tint, and your lashes will be dark from root to tip to maximise their length and thickness.
Do you love eyelash extensions, but are not a fan of the upkeep? This could be a great alternative for you. The low maintenance aspect of lash lift & tints keeps us coming back, even during our very busy lives. Who doesn’t love taking some time out for themselves? With minimal aftercare, and top-ups needed every 8 weeks, it’s the perfect boss babe treatment.

So there you have it, that’s why lash lift & lash tints are one of the most popular beauty services…that everyone is getting!

Jealous? Want to try?

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