What products are right for your brows? Let us help!

Our lovely beauticians have been answering a lot of questions recently about our product range, what’s everything used for and what’s right for them. We thought that we would help all of you lovely ladies out, and break it all down for you easy peasy.

Sparse Brows?

Always pondering how to make your brows look thicker? Putting on brow product after brow product to make them seem naturally full but ending up with a dry, cakey look? Sometimes, we forget that the most important step in a brow routine, whether that includes makeup or not, starts with how you look after your brows. Treat them like a bestie, love on those brows! Once you have washed your face for the night, you can add a few steps to your skincare routine to enhance your natural brows. Our ever-faithful Browgasm helps your brows grow thick, long, and strong. Browgasm is a growth serum that is full of amazing ingredients such as Keratin and Collagen to promote crazy brow growth. If you would like to take the same route but try a different product, you can try our Brow and lash rejuvenator that takes a little less time and commitment, but it’s still full of all those great brow growin’ ingredients.
If you want to try something natural, give the Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil a try. With 100% natural ingredients blended to not only promote growth but to nourish and enhance.

Brow Addict?

Are you totally on top of your brows but you are looking for that little extra step to take your brows to the next ‘Cara Delevingne’ level? There are so many ways you can boost that wow factor. You could come in and get them threaded up for $15 every three weeks to start with… (In case you forgot, see below for details!) But you can add a bit of ‘browmazing’ every day at home by trying brow powder and brow gel. You might be familiar with brow powders, but recently other products like pencils, pomades, and mascaras have been popular. We are here to tell you that the O.G brow powder is the best way to go. Get total control with our angled brow brush, get the perfect fade, and the perfect colour match with our powders, available in 7 colours. A brow gel keeps the brow hairs in place all day in whatever place you set them in. Get the oh-so-popular feathery brow look, or keep it neat and tidy with crisp edges. Anything is possible when you have brow gel.

Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start?

If you’re just getting into brows, or if you are a seasoned pro overwhelmed by new choices, we can help you out. First things first, come in and chat with one of the beauticians who can talk to you about your brow goals, and how we can help you achieve them. Start small with brow products and figure out what works for you. A great place to start is by creating a simple brow routine that you can become familiar with to gain your confidence. A touch of brow powder for definition or even just some brow gel to keep them in place can make all the difference to show off your gorgeous face.

We are always here to help ladies, brow lovers supporting brow lovers. Forever!

Remember how we mentioned $15 brows? If you come in every 3 weeks to get your brows threaded, you can receive brow threading for just $15. Simply start with purchasing one brow threading service from any one of our salons!

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