You have probably heard the term brow lamination in the past months. It’s becoming more and more popular and it’s one of the trendiest treatments in the beauty industry currently. If you are wondering what it is all about keep reading ☺

What is Brow Lamination?

~ It is a procedure where hair is redirected to look fuller and thicker but at the same time also natural. A lotion is used to treat unruly eyebrows and to keep them in a desired shape. The final outcome will look like your eyebrows were freshly combed. The result can be tailored to suit your vision.

Why should you get Brow Lamination?

~ We couldn’t decide because there are many reasons to get it ☺

– For thick and fluffy eyebrows
– For a freshly combed look
– For fuller looking eyebrows
– For a more defined shape
– To achieve brows that grow in the same direction

Who should get Brow Lamination?

~ This procedure suits clients who already have brows, as you want to avoid to apply the solution directly on the skin without any hair.

How long does it last?

~ It can last up to 6- 8 weeks, if the aftercare was correctly followed. It is recommended to wait for at least 8 weeks until you re laminate your brows. We highly recommend to add a thread or wax as well as a brow henna or tint to your brow lamination to achieve the ultimate effect.

In our next blog post, we will be covering the process of brow lamination and what you should look out for during the aftercare, which is a very important part to ensure that your brows stay on fleek as long as possible. If you are interested, stay tuned for our next blog post.


We offer Brow Lamination at all of our Jeevi Brow Studio store locations.

– Westfield Marion
– Westfield Westlakes
– Westfield Tea Tree Plaza
– Westfield Chatswood

Brow Lamination : $60
(Price excludes Brow Wax/Thread + Tint/Henna)


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