All About Eyelash Extensions Extensions: Which should you choose?

Summer is almost upon us! Can you feel the warmer weather creeping in? See the party invites stacking up? WE CAN! It’s party season baby!

As our calendars fill up with festive season activities, we see a need for GLAM! Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to add a bit of WOW factor to any look, plus it’s such a time saver! Gone are the days of frustrated shouts at strip lashes, or getting mascara on your nose after hours of blending the perfect makeup look.
There are so many options for eyelash extensions, and we have something for everyone!
What’s best for you? Classic, Hybrid, or volume? Find out below!

Classic Eyelash Extensions

This is where our amazing lash technicians apply one extension lash to each one of your natural lashes. This enhances your natural lash line, but with a little bit of wow factor! If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful look, or just dipping your toes into the Eyelash Extensions world, this is a great option.
We can only apply extensions to as many natural lashes as you have, so if you have sparse lashes, this option might not be for you!

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume lashes will give you a fuller, fluffy appearance as fans of lashes are applied to each one of your natural lashes. If you want very full, dramatic lashes, or have a sparser lash line, pick volume lashes at your next appointment!

Volume lashes are dramatic, so if you want to turn some heads and get some ‘wow you have amazing lashes, where did you get them?” comments these are for you! if you want a more natural look, try Classic or Hybrid Lashes!

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Can’t decide? Hybrid lashes give you the best of both worlds!
Hybrid offers a 50/50 mix of classic and volume lashes. They are a great way to add texture and volume, without taking away from your natural beauty. This is a great option for those wanting to see a big difference, without being too overwhelmed.

Once you have your lashes, try not to touch them for 3 hours, and don’t get them wet for 24hours. Make sure your lashes stay comfortable and clean by brushing them daily and using an oil-free foaming cleanser to remove build-up from your lashes.

You can book in for your refill at your initial appointment, so you don’t have to stress!

To make sure your lashes stay in tiptop shape, check out our aftercare instruction blog here:

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We can’t wait to see you, and help you get GLAM for summer! See you soon, ladies.

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